While in the process of buying or installing a dynamometer,
specific questions always pop up. When you find it hard to obtain
objective information, DynoTronics can help you.


Technical specifications

  • to make sure your needs are covered by an offer you received.

Dyno room specifications

  • the arrangement of a dyno room often yields problems.
  • DynoTronics has seen over 300 dyno rooms. It is most likely that we have an answer to your questions.


  • Solutions for room ventilation, water pumps , exhaust extraction.
  • Calculations to optimise these auxiliaries. Also visit PARTS.


  • Dynotronics has many contacts in the industry. Are you looking for something specific ? Drop me an email.
    • Fuel monitoring systems
    • Air consumption
    • Lambda
    • Diesel Sooth Analysers
    • Gas Analysers
    • ECU systems
    • Exhaust system

For educational purposes (technical schools and universities), I am available to perform classes on the overall use of dynamometers systems. This enables students to have their first contact with real industry experience. The content of the classes can be set in according to what the school program is targeting. DynoTronics believes in helping out in the education of younger people. Therefore a special hourly rate is possible.