I have been around engines, racing and dynamometers for most of my active life. It all started out working on heavy diesel engines.

A basic degree in electronics was followed by an engineering degree in electro-mechanics, with emphasis on process control.
I had then already realized that modern engines are the perfect combination of electronics and mechanics. Therefore an additional engineering degree was obtained. Mechanics with emphasis on internal combustion engines.
During all my time in university, I spent countless hours working in a steel workshop. MIG welding, mill, lathe, ... the basic back breaking heavy construction labour.

I soon got to prove my combination of education and hands -on experience at a major dynamometer manufacturer. Being the only service engineer, lots of travelling was required to install and repair dynamometer systems around the world. I remained working at this company for nearly seven years, building a strong foundation for DynoTronics.

After time more projects were presented that could not be handled being an employee. Therefore DynoTronics was founded. Main goal is to bring you a wide range of services backed up with the best possible service.

Andy Peeters