This is a non-exhaustive list of Systems and Spare Parts for sale.
Feel free to contact me for more detailed information and pricing.
The information here given is just a brief summary of the features.

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7100 + Sensor Box
Includes : 7100 console, 7100 sensor box, cable set, engine box and brackets


  SF-901 System
This system should be ready to ship in a couple of days. Includes :901 Console, 901 Engine stand with 833T absorber, cooling tower
  Universal Bell Housing
Allways stuggling to get non V8 engines on your SF- 8XX dyno ? This solution provides easy installation on any engine. Fixed driveshaft with extendable bell housing. It also features a dyno mounted starter. Includes : driveshaft, starter, and drive hub:

Cooler Systems
Maintain full control over vital engine parameters like water temperature and oil temperature. Systems can be electronically or mechanically controlled.

  Engine Box
Control ignition , fuel and starter from the operator room. Safety features included. Interface to exisiting systems.

730 Boards
Looking for some hard to get Superflow 730-601 boards ? Dynotronics has some some boards in stock.


Torque Link
SQB or S type
Industrial Grade , Cal sheet supplied
range to be specified.


Speed Sensor
Magnetic Sensors
TTL encoders


Type K connectors Open or Closed
Extension Wire and connectors


Pressure Transducers
Industrial grade
standard precision 0.5 % (others on request)


Misc. Hardware
Any part on a dyno you need replaced, we find a cost effective solution.