Service possible for following systems:

  • Engine Dyno
  • Towing Dyno
  • Rolling Road


  • electronics
  • mechanics (including absorber rebuild)
  • hydraulics
  • pneumatics


  • torque
  • speed
  • temperatures (type K thermocouples)
  • pressures
  • lambda

Engine Installation

  • mechanical installation
  • ECU installation
  • wire loom modifications
  • interfacing with dyno electronics
  • mounting of sensors
    • temperatures
    • pressures
    • air consumption
    • fuel consumption
    • blowby
    • lambda


  • installing software
  • creation - modification of configuration files
  • handling of limits files/post-mortem files
  • creation - modification of test profiles

DynoTroncis has a vast experience in road simulation software.
To see the latest project I supported (commisioning and training),
please visit Check out the RS-15K, a true marvel in engineering.
Service can also be provided for the SuperFlow Towing Dyno.
Due to my experience on large Superflow truck chassis dynamometers,
I have been included in installing and training most of the Scania - based systems.
DynoTronics has specialized in fine tuning the softwarde for the automatic calculation of losses on trucks.


Custom Projects

  • If you have an older dyno and want to update, Dynotronics can supply all you need.
    Control systems and Data Acquisition from different makes are available.
    We are not only focussing on the dyno. We can provide dyno room auxiliaries too.
    See the Parts section.

Dyno Time

  • Looking for dyno time ? DynoTronics can get you in contact with a number of engine dyno owners
    that have time available. Depending on the level of service and quantity of engines,
    the best possible solution will be found. This service mainly focuses on those requiring
    a Cup - style of engine development program.
    (series of engines to be fine tuned to assure minimal power differences between individual engines).
    We can find a good solution for single engine projects too.