DynoTronics offers training for various systems.
Training is always adapted to the people attending.
This is why we like to divide training in to 3 levels:

User training:

  • basic operation of dyno
  • data processing

Advanced training:

  • includes user training (first)
  • installation of software and specifics
  • configuration of the system
  • limits files
  • test profiles


Pro training:

  • For the professional wishing full control over the dyno.
    Starts with user training and advanced training. Hands on training follows by
    taking a real test requirement and programming this to the full extend.
    Followed by a real time evaluation on the dyno. This helps the customer to get on his way for the first projects.
    Included is a calibration session, explaining and performing full calibration on
    the system. Special focus the specific pitfalls that may be encountered on your system.


For those people having a change of dyno operators, it may be good to properly train all new operators. This assures that your investments remains effective.
Training is performed in a class room and on the actual system. A PowerPoint presentation can be shown if a projector is present. All attendees receive the PowerPoint presentation hand outs. (available for most systems, English only)

Dynotronics is committed to give you the best training possible.